Where to Play!

Any parent would be curious to know about where your child can play with the Magnetic Play Pieces. While the most commonly available magnetic surface for kids to play on, in every household would be a refrigerator door, steel almirah/cabinet. But sometimes parents are concerned about electric shocks from old Refrigerator doors, and most of the todays homes are furnished with wooden almirahs. While some of modern refrigerator have non-magnetic doors.

When we started with our Product design and development, we were thinking How Stupid it would be provide a magnetic board with our every product. Like a magnetic board with Alphabets, another with Pattern Blocks Game, and another with Magnetic Play-Scene Game. This would be adding un-necessary costs to every product and would force us to build cheap magnetic board that again end up in inferior quality. 

We decided that Why not maintain develop a high-quality sturdy  Magnetic Wooden Board which is lightweight and fits in your toddlers hand and serves a purpose with our entire magnetic toys range.