Social Responsibility


We have been involved with The Creative People who has been organising free and open competitions and workshops for kids from every strata of society. Toys are a vital part of every kids' childhood and for that we are willing to start Toy Donation Camps at local level where upper sections of society can donate their old toys to those who can also live a lively childhood.

We are have associated with primary school teachers to develop improved curriculum for pre-school which emphasizes on skill building in playful manner, giving more exposure to techonology, environment and society. And our products are developed on feedbacks from teachers who have actual analysis of kids's requirements.


The corporate family accepts its responsibility for the environment. This is why environmental protection has been an integrated part of our company policy for years. Our products are made of 100 % recyclable materials and are non-toxic. We actively protect the environment in all phases of production: We use environmentally-friendly processing methods and continue to improve our technology to protect both people and the environment. 


The tenets of our environmental policy:


- Environmental protection is an integral component of the MFM Toys family.
- The concept of protecting the environment pervades every function and day-to-day work at every company level.
- Environmental awareness is constantly promoted among our staff by means of training courses.
- Our suppliers are integrated into our corporate family’s environmental policy.
- We actively operate economic protection of the environment.
- We place a premium on and abide by the pertinent environmental legislation and regulations.
- Production processes have to be continually upgraded. We ascertain, evaluate and minimise the use of raw materials, emissions and waste volumes on an ongoing basis.