Children's Day

A dad asks the RJ to call his boss and request for a leave for him as he had been working 10 days with no holidays, and wanted to spend some time with his kids. Working Parents have a daily struggle. How to ease it this Children's Day, an opinion by Prasoon Gupta

Wonder Mom and Children Day

India is a land of incredible beauty and wealth, but also crushing poverty. Its spiritualism, yoga and coexistence of different religions has provided been a source motivation and guidance for the world. It was Mahatma Gandhi who taught the West the power of nonviolent protest in support of social justice.

The India way, is a holistic viewpoint of looking at things. India has a strongly bonded Family System. That is why we are a strong nation with extensive diversity. We shall respect this feature of our society.

We will talk of business organisation and role of their employees. An employee gives his/her time and hard-work to the company's growth. Working hard to meet the deadlines, they make the most of their time and work consistently towards company's growth.

This article asks you to focus on the Parents in your staff. Working parents have to struggle hard. They juggle their children’s school schedules and activities while balancing their own work deadlines, attending conferences etc. I recently heard on a FM in Gurgaon, A dad asks the RJ to call his boss and request for a leave for him as he had been working 10 days with no holidays, and wanted to spend some time with his kids.

We have to change the view here, While parent spend their Time & Labour at office, it is actually their Kids who are sacrificing their share of their parents' time and love with the company.

This article suggests Organisations shall try to integrate the Kids of their employees. Often it is suggested Keep Home at Home and Office at office. I visited a College in Gurgaon while job interviews were going on, By luck i was sitting amongst the candidates while waiting for Registrar to get free. A lady had come with her husband and child for the interview. A child does not know its college and some interview is going on so she should not cry... Poor baby was crying loud, a child's laughter and cry both are lovely. But another lady candidate commented about this as she should have left the baby at home. A women who is a mother of a New born, shall not come to job if she cares for her kids OR leave her kids at home under some un-caring maid. She came for interview because she can serve the institution with her skills and knowledge and if she is a Mom, shall she consider it as curse??

Why can't the Workplace become an extended family, where everyone respects each others' differences. Where family is not commented like, Mere Ghar-wale!! For the efficiency at workplace a Good Environment in Family is a must.

I have seen companies where employees and their families become extended family of the Institution, like Su-Kam Power System Ltd. I saw in an interview video how the employees and the Founder acknowledge the efforts of the family members of Su-Kam employees played a supportive role in achieving their targets.

And I believe the Institution Should Initiate a step ahead in this direction. For example Mothers with new born should have facilities at office to look after her child. There can be in-office creche. Companies shall organise workshops and activities for their employees' kids like a factory visit on weekends.

Gifting toys at Children's Day is also a way to tell that you care. Gift every mother at your office with Toys, Books, Teaching Aids for their kids. A smile on their Kids face is priceless gift that you can give to your employee. Try it this Childrens Day.

This has multiple benefits, parents are not stressed to find out time to be with kids. A happy family increases productivity at workplace. Also kids get exposure of how stuff works, get mature in understanding. This would make kids aware about their career, what roles are there in an organisation.

A Lively Corporate Family automatically increases Productivity and completes its role of Social Responsibility.


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