About MFM Toys

Mridul Flexi MagneticsMridul Flexi Magnetics, is based in Gurgaon, involved in buisness of printing, advertising and magnetic promotional items. Our founder Mr. Manoj Gupta, a mechanical engineer by profession is a creative personality with varied interests. Under him, the company began exploring new and innovative products and came up with Magnetic Bookmarks in 2007 which have also been a sepcial part of  Resurgent Rajasthan Summit, 2007. The company continues to explore and create new products and this gave birth to our new Brand MFM Toys.



MFM Toys, the innovative interactive toys

Under MFM Toys we have created a range of innovative interactive teaching aids and educational toys which utilize the power of Magnets to engage kids and build variety of skills along with educating them. Here is a brief introduction about the uniqueness of our products..



MFM products vary from kids’ room decoration, stationary, accessories to educational toys. These cute, colourful and shining toys are designed not only to strengthen but also to enlighten the kids in the different period of their


Beside the design, the other primary concern of mfm is safety. All the mfm products are made of superb quality woods and all the beautiful painting are non-toxic which comply with numbers of toys safety standards including European Standard on Safety of Toys (EN71).